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Sites and Sounds of the 2019 Embracing Our Learning Differences Gala

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Lombardo’s, October 17, 2019

“Society has told me I should have been working as a greeter at Walmart or bagging groceries at a local grocery store but that’s not me”
Derek “Tank” Schottle

Looking back on my life, I now know why I was struggling in class while others seemed to put in zero effort. It is imperative for every kid with learning differences to have that person they can go to for help and make sure they are getting proper support in their classrooms,for then they too, will achieve greatness.”

William Burgess

Photo Montage
2019 Embrace Our Learning Differences Gala

Joe Peroni

The impact of having a sibling with a learning difference

THE S.E.A.L. Foundation 2019 extraordinary Individual award

The Don Rodman Profile in Compassion and Courage Award

Derek “Tank” Schottle accepting the award and his full speech

Photos from the 2019 Embrace Our Learning Differences Gala