Our Mission

The S.E.A.L. Foundation’s mission is to create and fund educational and social opportunities in both non-public and public schools, and camp settings for students who learn differently in order to ensure they maximize their potential.

Our Goal

To fund the delivery of a range of special education services, staff development, advocacy support and technical assistance to a broad community of non-public schools and programs that share and honor our mission of serving learners of all types. We are taught to help those in need and our mission reflects this commitment to others.

Our Origin

Having spent the early part of my career as a classroom teacher, I witnessed first-hand the lack of school choice families encountered when trying to find the best fit for their children who had learning differences. It was disheartening to witness the closed doors so many parents faced if they simply wanted the culture a non-public school setting typically offers, including smaller class sizes, individualized instruction, an atmosphere that teaches the need for service and civic engagement, a college-preparatory curriculum, as well as the presence of passionate teachers and staff. That type of atmosphere, socialization, culture and family involvement can enrich both the lives of children and their families and should be available to any child, regardless of how they learn.