The S.E.A.L. Foundation: Pathways Approach Program

The S.E.A.L. Foundation: Pathways Approach Program provides educational services, namely, providing program evaluations, creating and delivering custom-designed implementation plans, in-class coaching, and instruction through presentations, classes, tutoring, consultations, workshops, on-line non-downloadable and downloadable videos and simulations to parents, teachers, school administrators, school staff, and community members in the field of special education, specifically, learning differences in students from early childhood through 12th grade, and distribution of educational materials in connection therewith.


When I think about teaching students who learn differently and who might need to access the curriculum a certain way or a different way, I like to think of it as cars. We have cars that are made for everybody to drive, but when a driver gets in the seat, what do they do they need to do to the seat? They need to adjust it and move it forward. They need to move it back. They need to make it higher or make it lower to reach the pedals. And that’s how I think of it inside the classroom. How can we adjust to make sure that as many students can reach the pedals to be able to access the curriculum. Danielle, teacher

Professional Development

The S.E.A.L. Foundation provides professional development experiences that allow participants to engage in a simulation of what it feels like to have a learning difference and walk in the shoes of a student who learns differently. A deeper understanding of learning differences is attained by those involved in the simulations, specifically ADHD, dyslexia, autism, auditory processing disorders and differences related to executive functioning. Instructional strategies, such as modifications, accommodations and instructional practices (i.e. volume and pacing) are provided so all students can be taught and achieve success, regardless of how they learn.

In addition, our foundation provides teacher training on The Orton Gillingham Approach, as well as understanding brain function with workshops for teachers, parents, community members and students on neurodiversity.

An additional area of professional development that is available to teachers includes “ Transitioning Back To School After COVID” and “Social Emotional Learning.” Contact Lynne at The S.E.A.L. Foundation for an access code.


“An amazing morning that really put me in the seat of a student with learning differences. The simulation, along with feedback from the group, helped me to better understand how a student feels and what accommodations are necessary for success.”  teacher participant


The second program the Foundation focuses on is advocacy work. Families of children with learning differences are provided tools and knowledge to navigate the complex and often cumbersome special education process. This service is extended to families regardless if their child attends a public or non-public school.


“I did not know we could use an advocate to help us navigate the special education process. If we didn’t have The S.E.A.L. Foundation, then where would we get advice, where would we get information and the resources we need? The S.E.A.L. Foundation advises you as you work through the process. My daughter is doing an amazing job and she’s really thriving. I’m really proud of her and I know by talking to The S.E.A.L. Foundation advocate, she encouraged us to ask for more speech therapy and more services for reading comprehension because those were the supports she needed. And I’m really grateful that I took her advice.”  Courtney, parent

Summer Learning Experiences

The third program the Foundation funds is student participation in summer learning experiences. It is critical for students with learning differences to avoid a “summer slide” or prevent regression in their academic skill sets. Camps are identified that can meet the academic and social and emotional needs of children and the Foundation sponsors their participation in these summer learning experiences.


“Both my children absolutely love East Camp. They love everything about camp. They get to do special activities that they wouldn’t necessarily do, like kayaking and boating, swimming, and fishing. They get to do all these activities here and it’s such a great experience for them. I would tell any donor that’s going to donate to The S.E.A.L. Foundation that their money would absolutely be used for a good cause. They have been able to help my children go to summer camp, which is absolutely amazing.”  Amanda, parent